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February 10, 2016  -  GoldenCAN CEO Radio Interview with James Martell
Data Feeds: An Affiliate Marketers Secret Weapon

Why Data Feeds Are an Affiliate Marketers Secret Weapon as James Martell speaks with Asif Malik from GoldenCAN. Asif has always possessed a strong desire to share his programming knowledge and experience with others. So, he came up with a way to help affiliates that have little or no programming experience by creating a “tool”. This tool called GoldenCAN Datafeed Integration was launched in May of 2005 and it quickly became the hottest tool in the affiliate marketing more..


November 8, 2011  -  buyat
GoldenCAN Announces Data Feed Integration for Advertisers

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- GoldenCAN, a premier data feed solution provider, is pleased to announce the introduction of advertisers to their expanding catalog of products. Enabling affiliates to easily build a robust online store using only one line of HTML code, GoldenCAN's inclusion of's feed data also adds to the diversity of items available through their suite of affiliate tools. The collaboration of GoldenCAN's leading technology and's progressive global performance marketing network brings exceptional value, variety, and simplicity for more..


December 22, 2008  -  GoldenCAN Press Release
GoldenCAN Announces Data Feed Integration for LinkConnector Merchants

GoldenCAN has further increased the diversity of its 'Free of 4th Click' Merchants and announced the availability of LinkConnector Merchants. The collaboration of GoldenCAN's best data feed tool and LinkConnector's progressive Affiliate Marketing Network is bringing best values for affiliates.

Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB) December 22, 2008 --, offering the most comprehensive data feed integration tools, has now moved one step ahead and introduced data feed integration for merchants of LinkConnector, the fastest growing Affiliate Marketing Network since 2004. GoldenCAN is a leading and effective tool recognized by all Affiliate Managers and LinkConnector is proving their value with professional and intelligible services. This unique combination is going to produce long-lasting, highly-anticipated results with better business models and simple organizing mechanisms. read more..


June 3, 2008  -
New Features at GoldenCAN - Keyword Store & Keyword Category Store

GoldenCAN, a data feed solution for affiliates and merchants, has announced two new features, a Keyword Store and Keyword Category Store. These are good solutions for affiliates that don’t have a working knowledge of data feeds, but want to create niche more..


April 26, 2008  -
GoldenCAN for data feed integration

Recently I purchased the 10 Day Cash Secret course. I have put together a few sites using the methods taught in that course. So far I am yet to see any positive results from this. I used some old domains in my website creation using data feeds. I need to test the methods using new domains to see if that makes any difference. The other day I came across a data feed service that is free and is really easy to setup. It is From this site you can get access to millions of products that you can have more..


April 22, 2008  -
GoldenCAN Drops Branding on Affiliate Tools

GoldenCAN, a provider of tools enabling affiliate marketers to easily create affiliate storefronts in one line of code, is no longer branding their tools with a “Powered by GoldenCAN” link. This change includes all existing and future stores, coupons and search integrations, according to an announcement from GoldenCAN. There is a discussion on the removal of the GoldenCAN branding at ABestWeb and Asif Malik of GoldenCAN is getting lots of positive feedback for the move. more..


April 2, 2008  -  JT Pratt
Create an affiliate store in 5 minutes from GoldenCAN Data feed

I’m about to show you something incredible that’s been under your (and my) nose all this time and you didn’t even know it. There is a solution, and it’s very, very easy to do - and it’s been under your nose all this time. You can have an entire affiliate store online in about 5 minutes, containing each and every product a merchant has. You can do it very little knowledge of code (some HTML helps), and you don’t need any special blogging software or plugin even. Your store will be completely searchable and all results will come up on your page within your domain - no iframes or crazy stuff. It will even be completely searchable (or not) if you more..


January 24, 2007  -
GoldenCAN - Affiliate Marketing Program Review

For those affiliate markerters such as myself who are code and database challenged, Goldencan offers us the chance to use data feeds and create huge online stores with hundreds or thousands of prodcuts from many name brand merchants, all with only a few lines of code. Goldencan offers affiliate marketers data feeds from many online retailers. They’re not retailers no one every heard of either. Stores like Amazon, Circuit City, Overstock.Com and more..


June 16, 2006  -  MarketingLoop
GoldenCAN Enables RSS for Coupon Integration

GoldenCAN has announced that Coupon Integration (Coupons and Recent Price Drops) feature will now be available in XML, RSS and preformatted HTML format (through GetData). The GoldenCAN RSS feature will return a valid RSS document that you can use in any RSS reader and get the data on your website. more..


November 22, 2005  -  GoldenCAN Press Release and® Offer Powerful Tool to Affiliate Marketers

Just in time for the holiday shopping season,’s entire inventory is available through GoldenCAN’s Data Feed Integration program at no charge to affiliate marketers.

Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB via
PR Web Direct
) November 22, 2005 --, online marketing’s best and brightest new program, is offering thousands of affiliate marketers the power and versatility of’s data feeds with a simple click of a mouse. At no cost to affiliates, thousands of® products are now available for use on affiliate Web sites with the addition.. read more..


November 4, 2005  -
GoldenCAN Free Merchants - No More Giving Away the 4th Click

GoldenCAN, an affiliate data feed, coupon and search integration solution, now offers their service at no cost for select merchants. Currently, about twenty of the nearly 100 merchants on GoldenCAN can be promoted for free through the service. The participating free merchants include eBags, InstrumentPro and While GoldenCAN is very easy to use, it’s not just for newbies. If you are a data feed user, you can still take advantage of GoldenCAN by adding a search box on your site. more..


July 6, 2005  -   GoldenCAN Press Release Launches Store Integration Program for Affiliate Marketers

Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB) July 6, 2005 -- announces the launch of its revolutionary new Internet marketing solution for affiliate marketers and merchants, available online at . For the first time,’s Store Integration Program provides affiliate marketers with data feeds, coupons, recent price drops and product searches provided by hundreds of merchants in one simple line of code. Affiliate marketers without an extensive knowledge of computer programming now have access to millions of data feed products from some of the most respected merchants on the more..


May 28, 2005  -
Is Affiliate Marketing Ready for GoldenCAN?

I recently chatted with a gentleman named Asif Malik who has released a new affiliate tool called GoldenCAN. The premise of GoldenCAN is that sites with high traffic volume can easily add GoldenCAN Store Integration or GoldenCAN Coupon Integration to their site with just one line of code. The result is that the site then displays millions of products, and thousands of coupons and promotions. .. read more..


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