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GoldenCAN for Merchants

Welcome to GoldenCAN, a powerful addition to your web based marketing effort.

A data feed of your store through GoldenCAN will give you greatly increased exposure to web shoppers. Over 250 Merchants already provide us with data feed for their stores which we then provide to over 24000 GoldenCAN Affiliates. This exposure has led to a large click-thru to their stores for product purchases.

In addition, GoldenCAN provides a system that is easy to administer, with the merchant data feed provided to GoldenCAN, which then manages the data feeds to the Affiliates. In this way, GoldenCAN insures that price changes, stock status, new products and other items are always up to date on the Affiliate sites.

GoldenCAN also has a dedicated team to manage coupons and promotions, so your latest promotions, coupons and special deals are integrated and made available to the Affiliates in a timely manner.

If you already have a large number of banner and text affiliates for your store, chances are that most do not have the computer experience to take your data feed. GoldenCAN solves this problem by allowing these affiliates to take your data feed through GoldenCAN, an easy setup for them requiring no software experience.

An affiliate can display the entire data feed of one or multiple merchants on the affiliate website with only one line of code. GoldenCAN imports the merchant’s data feed on daily basis and serves the affiliate websites in real time. Once affiliates insert the GoldenCAN code into their website, they always have your latest products on their website and they never have to update the code ever again.

As a merchant you and your affiliate manager have access to the merchant’s control panel where you can see different reports about your data feed and coupon usage on GoldenCAN, including...

  • The total number of affiliates using your data at GoldenCAN
  • The total number of stores created for your data
  • Number of daily Impressions generated by your affiliates
  • Number of daily clicks towards your website
  • URLs of the web pages using your data

GoldenCAN is owned and operated by software professionals with extensive experience in data feeds. As a result, setting up a store's initial data feed is smooth and accurate.

If you are interested in offering your data feed to your affiliates using GoldenCAN, please click here.


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