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User Reviews and Testimonials about GoldenCAN

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Scott - L.L. Hub, Bloomington, IL
Golden Can is so easy to use. I was able to put thousands of products on my site in minutes by simply copying and pasting their code to my website. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Samson - dealsbooth, Cedar Park
Simple and easy. The perfect tool to use and work-on. Hope to work more with this tool in future. Cheers to back-end team for designing such a great tool.


mohamed azhar huzair - azhar crafts, london uk
Golden can is a great way to import rss product feed into your website with no problems. Unique ! One of it's kind.

Mohamed Azhar Huzair

mohamed azhar huzair
Samson - Dealsbooth, Cedar Park
goddamm!! Golden Can - it's so cool. A Time saver genie, adds more weight to the bag. A tool to look forward & work more with. I Recommend this tool to other users. Cool & Awesome!

Anderson Silva - Coupons Booth, California
Golden can is a great tool that is used to update the coupons automatically and it saves more time for me. We will looking forward to get all the latest merchants from shareasale account.

Anderson Silva
Lea - Fashion Selection, Canada, Abbotsford
Thank you Goldencan. I manage to make a link list altogether of my merchants partner in my website. Datafeed is cool too. Thanks again and Godbless!

Lynn - Lynn's Freebies, PA
I heard about GoldenCAN from one of my affiliate programs so I decided to check them out. GoldenCAN is so easy to use and convenient. I had my store up in less than a hr. GoldenCAN is such a time saver, thank you!

Nadeem - Lounge USA, Detroit, MI
Just started using Goldencan and it is so easy to use. Stores were created in a snap and added to my website. I created multiple and single stores and integration was so easy.

Denzil - Cyber Deals 101, USA
I have been using GoldenCan for over 5yrs now and I wish more merchants would discover this powerful datafeed company. I really like how easy it is to integrate the datafeed into websites that's not wordpress. As datafeed companies come and go GoldenCan remains. WHY TO GO GoldenCan. Can't wait to see the new platform.

Byron German - Abundant Life Enterprises, Atlanta, GA
A wonderful tool that improves any new or existing online enterprise. My only regret is that I should have been using it years ago.

Byron German
Patrick Lewis Sanders - Reddogg SEO Website Promotion Firm, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
I work with a lot of affiliate networks, Commission Junction, Linkshare Shareasale,TradeDoubler. GoldenCAN is one of the best networks!

very high regards,
Patrick Lewis Sanders

Patrick Lewis Sanders
Jon - Josh Products, Phoenix Az, Allentown Pa, Jackson Tn
I have been with GoldenCan for several years now. I love the way this system is so easy to use. But like most things that are easy to use something usually happens. Thanks for this system.

Jacqueline - jaxslist, Tucson, Az
The Golden Can is one brilliant concept in action! I am totally impressed with the system and how easily it integrates with your website or page. This system saves you so much time. Once you install the links, you never have to add links one by one again! Awesome job Golden Can. I will use as many of these affiliates as I can on my pages and on my websites. Thank you for being there! JB

Sonia - Individual, CA
Golden Can is one of the easiest to use programs for setting up a store online. Brilliant and time save. I can access a catalog of unlimited products.

Sutriyono - Yamaha, Purwodadi
I was finally able to build my site the way I always
want it.! Thanks to You Goldencan. The SEO scripts
works beautifully. I am glad to be part of the 4th click.
You help, I help; This way we all can make money.
Thank you

Earl Williams - One Shop Mall, Online
Finally a website that offers true coupon and discount pages of some of the major stores on the internet, Thank you I think you have a great thing going here.

Earl Williams
Rolando - Xzendor7, Manhattan NY
Goldencan is the easy way to add a product feed to ones site and with a variety of feed options the feeds Goldencan provided should work for almost everyone.

I've used them on several of my websites and it's a great tool for adding additional products to your website or for building niche websites from scratch.

Jerry Holmes - Baylane Promotions, Southaven Ms
Goldencan by far is the easiest affiliate tool to use and saves me so much time not having to update anything. after years of using other affiliate tools I have now made Goldencan my main focus as the others fall short is so many ways. I check everyday for new merchants so I can add them to my sites.

Jerry Holmes
Silviu Corneliu Ghetiu -, Iasi, Romania
GoldenCAN is a great idea and more importantly, real! For visitors and users hope to be excellent to search the desired product. HARD!!!

Silviu Corneliu Ghetiu
Jason Lee - Futureweb Technology Corp, Los Angeles, CA
Golden CAN makes us easily update Internet shopping tips, bargains, coupons, deals information on our website to help our visitors save on shopping.

Jason Lee
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