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SEO Benefits and GoldenCAN
GoldenCAN is an extended data feed integration tool that is typically developed to facilitate the affiliates while they are performing marketing activities. The biggest concern for online business (web store) is to make it search engine friendly and easily understandable for web crawlers. Affiliates can attain maximum advantages from GoldenCAN integration code as it is completely crawl able by all crawlers and user agents including Google Bot, Yahoo Slurp, and Bing Bot. However PHP and ASP based codes are only compatible for search engines.

Here is the gist of search engine benefits associated with GoldenCAN based stores:

Optimized Code
Every search engine recommends a neat and clean code without involving much complexity so that their crawlers won’t mess up with ambiguous coding standards and leave the site without crawling. This rule is exactly followed by GoldenCAN and produce absolutely hierarchal and structured code. This is fully flexible code and affiliates can alter it according to their plans and requirements.

Optimized Content
The entire product’s content provided by GoldenCan data feed integration code is summarized according to search engine standards. Their main link contain the specific product keywords and so the detailed description also. All the text is completely relevant to the products and categories and relevancy is the most important factor for determining website rankings and weight-age.

Strong Internal Linking Structure
Efficient navigation and internal linking structure plays a significant role for higher website rankings. All crawlers pay special attention towards the link coupling. There shouldn’t be any broken or un-ethical links so that the website looks natural and user friendly. GoldenCAN data feed integration code takes care of this important element to the highest level. Pages are linked with each other in an appropriate way so that all user agents can perform deep indexing without any hassle.

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