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Merchant Reviews and Testimonials about GoldenCAN

Nick K -, New Jersey, US
We have been looking for something like this for a very long time. Great tool makes easier management of affiliates.

Nick K

Nick K
David Knight - English Fashion, UK
"Thank You for your prompt and quick work to improve my web responses,
Our company had checked out many internet marketing companies before choosing Apex lists, and we are very pleased with the prompt and personal attention you gave us. We are now using our website as a great business asset and it is being found by potential customers, I see this as a great benefit. And will be using Apex lists for all of our future web needs."

David Knight / Director
English Fashion, UK

David Knight
Jon Skinner - Wholesome Productions, Sydney, Australia
I am just starting out on GoldenCAN but can say that the service has been second to none. The support team helped along every step of the way to get it all happening. I am looking forward to seeing how our kids cooking kit products go with access to their affiliates. It is such a simple process I am very hopeful that it will lead to good sales. Well done GoldenCAN on a great service!

Jon Skinner
Chuck Hamrick - AffiliateCrew, Salt Lake City, Utah
Have known Asif for years and see him at all the summits.
We are very please with the traffic we get through GoldenCAN and it has been very easy to create an account. Highly recommended as an inexpensive way to extend your datafeeds to a new segment of affiliates.

Chuck Hamrick
Quy Le - Cymax Stores, Vancouver, BC
We are very pleased to have partnered with GoldenCAN. Our affiliates so far have embraced this partnership further proving GoldenCAN as a invaluable tool for anyone in the affiliate marketing world.

Great job by GoldenCAN Team for the amazing customer service.

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Quy Le
Jon Levine - Capitol Supply, Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is the second company who's affiliate program I've brought online with GoldenCAN. Their solution is top-notch and second to none. If you're looking for widespread growth in a very short period of time, GoldenCAN is the way to go!

Jon Levine
Andrew Morales - AffiliateTraction, Santa Cruz, CA
We have worked with GoldenCAN for many of our clients, and we have not been disappointed. They bring results, as well as excellent service and responsiveness.

Andrew Morales
Ernie Sal - Office Supply Group, Florida USA
An online merchant is not really serious about its affiliate program if it doesn't provide GoldenCan integration to its affiliates. GoldenCan takes the hassle out of website maintenance and allows affiliates to focus on what's important: generate qualified traffic to the merchant's website.

Ernie Sal
Patrick Armstrong -, Vancvouer, BC
As a merchant, all you really need to do is look at the tool. It's an incredible resource for affiliates, and as long as they're happy, I'm happy! If it makes it easier to send me sales, then great!

Patrick Armstrong
Geno Prussakov - AM Navigator, Wilmington DE
GoldenCAN is an excellent tool. We added our first merchant datafeed back in 2006, and have not regretted it a single a day. For merchants - it is an excellent way to reach large numbers of affiliates, while for affiliates - it is a very handy datafeed-import tool that helps you build SE-indexable websites in a blink of an eye.

Geno Prussakov
Jarum Feichko -, Salt Lake City, UT
We love GoldenCAN for its ease of use and speed of delivery. Particularly for our affiliates who are looking for a great way to get off and running--this is the solution. We routinely receive positive comments on the performance of GoldenCAN and are quick to recommend its use.

Jarum Feichko
Emilio Yepez - Andy Rodriguez Consulting, Miami Florida
As a merchant Outsource Program Management agency, we’re consistently looking for ways to add value in our service offerings to both our merchant clients and affiliate partners. We recently challenged our entire team to research our industry and find affiliate tools that could help affiliate partners be more effective in their marketing strategies. After extensive exploration and research, we determined that there was no better tool than GoldenCAN!

Emilio Yepez
Katherine Romero - Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Arizona
GoldenCAN has really helped us diversify our affiliate base. Long gone are the days of depending on a handful of large super affiliates. With the technology GoldenCAN offers non-programmers, our affiliate base has really opened up to include strong affiliates that previously would have been limited by the amount of programming skills interpreting a datafeed requires. Plus, affiliates really love it and what AM wouldn't want happy affiliates?!

Katherine Romero
Jack Kotowski - Jack Marketing
It was like opening hundreds of stores virtually overnight, and all of them were carrying my merchants entire product lines! GoldenCAN helps affiliates and merchants. It's a great way to increase sales rapidly.

Jack Kotowski
Seth Bernabei - Affiliate Traction
GoldenCAN’s data feed syndication platform and promotion services have greatly increased our exposure and access to the Affiliate Data Feed community. Their solution oriented approach has allowed the flexibility we need as an Affiliate Marketing Agency to service the diverse needs of our clients.

Seth Bernabei

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