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Q:  Can I add multiple store integrations on the same page on my website?

No, GoldenCAN does not support multiple store integration on the same page and more than one store will be automatically inactivated without any notice.

However you can create single store and single coupon integration on the same page but not more than one.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Charges, Fee, Credit Card, Account and Personal Info:
  • Do I need my own website?
  • Do I need to provide you with personal information?
  • How can i delete my account at GoldenCAN?
  • How do my customers return items purchased through the GoldenCAN Store Integration™?
  • How often will I get paid?
  • How will I be notified when a sale is made at my store?
  • Is there an option to pay for 4th click?
  • What is a "4th Click™"?
  • What is the cost to use the GoldenCAN Store Integration program?
  • What should I do if I don’t have an affiliate account?
  • Will the affiliate manager or merchant have access to my information for which I create the GoldenCAN Store Integration™
  • How to Create:
  • Coupon & recent price drop products integration?
  • How to Create Keyword Category Store?
  • How to Create Keyword Store?
  • Search Integration?
  • Store Integration for Multiple Merchants?
  • Store Integration for single merchant?
  • Sub category Store?
  • Affiliate IDs from different Networks:
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for AffiliateWindow?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for AvantLink?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for Impact Radius?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID from Linkshare Links to use in GoldenCAN?
  • How can I find my Publisher ID for eBay Enterprise?
  • How can I find my ShareASale UserID?
  • How can I get my Publisher ID from Commission Junction?
  • Merchants Integration:
  • Can I add multiple store integrations on the same page on my website?
  • Can I create multiple store integration solutions for my multiple sites for the same merchant?
  • Can I customize the stores?
  • Can I limit what stores or store categories are shown?
  • Do I have to be a member of every merchant's affiliate program at GoldenCAN?
  • How can I find a merchant selling the products related to my website?
  • How to Add/Remove a merchant from your existing store?
  • Is the GoldenCAN Integration code easy to install on my website?
  • Is the GoldenCAN Store Integration™ program easy to use?
  • Merchants Integration ( NonCrawlable-Javascript ):
  • Is there sample HTML that I can copy & paste?
  • What is the difference between JavaScript and GetData Codes?
  • Will the GoldenCAN Store Integration or GoldenCAN Coupon Integration help me generate more traffic from search engines?
  • Merchants Integration ( Crawlable-GetData ):
  • Are there any SEO Benefits in Keyword Store?
  • Can I use GetData, GetRSS or GetXML to populate my own database?
  • How can I get details about the PHP configuration, version and all other PHP settings on my server?
  • How to find if my website supports PHP or not?
  • I am unable to use the Include function in my PHP any alternatives?
  • If I use GoldenCAN's GetDATA feature, can any search engine crawl my website?
  • If thousands of other users are also using the GoldenCAN Store Integration on their websites, can my website be penalize
  • Product detail does not display when I am using GetData PHP code.
  • When i include the PHP code on my website, i found the blank page. Why?
  • Wordpress is adding additional break tags in the GoldenCAN resulting HTML?
  • Declarative FAQs:
  • Can I use GoldenCAN Search to populate my database with the search results?
  • Can I use some program or service to build the sitemap for my webpage which contains GoldenCAN store?
  • Do Merchants recommend this?
  • How can I trust that GoldenCAN will only insert their affiliate ID in the 4th click and no more than that?
  • How to add the Search Keyword in Keyword Store Dynamically?
  • I don't see my affiliate ID in the code generated by GoldenCAN or in the URL when I click on a product.
  • Is GetRSS available at GoldenCAN?
  • Is there a phone number where I can call to get help from GoldenCAN?
  • My Sub Category store is displaying entire merchant’s store, why?
  • My website is generating clicks but they are not showing in my network reports.
  • What is a GoldenCAN Keyword Category Store?
  • What is a GoldenCAN Keyword Store?
  • What is Search Keyword in the Keyword & keyword Category Store?
  • What is SubID and what values can i use in subid field?
  • What should be my Store Name? Can I use the same name twice?
  • Why do I get a “500 internal server error” from GoldenCAN while using GetData?

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