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Q:  Does GoldenCAN help my affiliates to generate more traffic from Search Engines?

The affiliate can add the GoldenCAN Integration on their website using different options such as JavaScript, GetData, GetRSS and GetXML. If the affiliate uses JavaScript, their web pages will not be "spider able" by the search engine. A search engine spider can not read the contents added on their website via JavaScript, that is why it will not help the affiliate to get more organic traffic by SEO.

GetData, GetRSS and GetXML will add real content on the affiliates website which will be "spider able" by the search engine. The search engine spider will be able to read this content and index it if they like. However, we can not guarantee how the search engines will spider their webpage or rank their website better.

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  • Does GoldenCAN help my affiliates to generate more traffic from Search Engines?
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