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Q:  How can I find my Publisher ID for eBay Enterprise?

You can locate your Publisher ID at the top center of your eBay Enterprise Network account.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Charges, Fee, Credit Card, Account and Personal Info:
  • Do I need my own website?
  • Do I need to provide you with personal information?
  • How can i delete my account at GoldenCAN?
  • How do my customers return items purchased through the GoldenCAN Store Integration™?
  • How often will I get paid?
  • How will I be notified when a sale is made at my store?
  • Is there an option to pay for 4th click?
  • What is a "4th Click™"?
  • What is the cost to use the GoldenCAN Store Integration program?
  • What should I do if I don’t have an affiliate account?
  • Will the affiliate manager or merchant have access to my information for which I create the GoldenCAN Store Integration™
  • How to Create:
  • Coupon & recent price drop products integration?
  • How to Create Keyword Category Store?
  • How to Create Keyword Store?
  • Search Integration?
  • Store Integration for Multiple Merchants?
  • Store Integration for single merchant?
  • Sub category Store?
  • Affiliate IDs from different Networks:
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for AffiliateWindow?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for AvantLink?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID for Impact Radius?
  • How can I find my Affiliate ID from Linkshare Links to use in GoldenCAN?
  • How can I find my Publisher ID for eBay Enterprise?
  • How can I find my ShareASale UserID?
  • How can I get my Publisher ID from Commission Junction?
  • Merchants Integration:
  • Can I add multiple store integrations on the same page on my website?
  • Can I create multiple store integration solutions for my multiple sites for the same merchant?
  • Can I customize the stores?
  • Can I limit what stores or store categories are shown?
  • Do I have to be a member of every merchant's affiliate program at GoldenCAN?
  • How can I find a merchant selling the products related to my website?
  • How to Add/Remove a merchant from your existing store?
  • Is the GoldenCAN Integration code easy to install on my website?
  • Is the GoldenCAN Store Integration™ program easy to use?
  • Merchants Integration ( NonCrawlable-Javascript ):
  • Is there sample HTML that I can copy & paste?
  • What is the difference between JavaScript and GetData Codes?
  • Will the GoldenCAN Store Integration or GoldenCAN Coupon Integration help me generate more traffic from search engines?
  • Merchants Integration ( Crawlable-GetData ):
  • Are there any SEO Benefits in Keyword Store?
  • Can I use GetData, GetRSS or GetXML to populate my own database?
  • How can I get details about the PHP configuration, version and all other PHP settings on my server?
  • How to find if my website supports PHP or not?
  • I am unable to use the Include function in my PHP any alternatives?
  • If I use GoldenCAN's GetDATA feature, can any search engine crawl my website?
  • If thousands of other users are also using the GoldenCAN Store Integration on their websites, can my website be penalize
  • Product detail does not display when I am using GetData PHP code.
  • When i include the PHP code on my website, i found the blank page. Why?
  • Wordpress is adding additional break tags in the GoldenCAN resulting HTML?
  • Declarative FAQs:
  • Can I use GoldenCAN Search to populate my database with the search results?
  • Can I use some program or service to build the sitemap for my webpage which contains GoldenCAN store?
  • Do Merchants recommend this?
  • How can I trust that GoldenCAN will only insert their affiliate ID in the 4th click and no more than that?
  • How to add the Search Keyword in Keyword Store Dynamically?
  • I don't see my affiliate ID in the code generated by GoldenCAN or in the URL when I click on a product.
  • Is GetRSS available at GoldenCAN?
  • Is there a phone number where I can call to get help from GoldenCAN?
  • My Sub Category store is displaying entire merchant’s store, why?
  • My website is generating clicks but they are not showing in my network reports.
  • What is a GoldenCAN Keyword Category Store?
  • What is a GoldenCAN Keyword Store?
  • What is Search Keyword in the Keyword & keyword Category Store?
  • What is SubID and what values can i use in subid field?
  • What should be my Store Name? Can I use the same name twice?
  • Why do I get a “500 internal server error” from GoldenCAN while using GetData?

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