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GoldenCAN Store Integration for Single & Multiple Merchants
GoldenCAN Store Integration is the ultimate solution for affiliates to create their dynamic online store with enhanced functionality. This system is capable to handle store activities to the greatest levels. Collaboration with all major networks and private merchants allows the affiliates to deal with millions of products without involving any technical aspect. GoldenCAN picks the product data feeds, process them and fine tune it for final application. Affiliates only need to define their store arrangements and everything is streamlined for them

Affiliates can create their store with multiple options:

Keyword Store
Keyword Store option enables the affiliates to create a store against any specific keyword or search term. They can select single and multiple merchants depending upon their requirements.

Keyword Category Store
In Keyword Category Store, affiliates can create a store for multiple keywords, categories and classifications. They can add up to 15 sub categories where under each category only relevant data will be displayed.

Single Merchant
Affiliates are able to make online store targeting to any specific merchant. All the available products of that merchant will be displayed under that store.

Multiple Merchant
By selecting Multiple Merchant, affiliates are allowed to select as many various merchants as they want. They will be displayed in an organized form where every merchant name is highlighted.

Store creation process is pretty simple and just requires few decisive clicks. Affiliates can adjust the layout standards with their own means. They have full authority for defining selected search terms, main topics and personalized style. Products are displayed in their predefined pattern with their detailed description and title. A user friendly search box further enhances its values where visitor can place any query and get the 100% accurate and relevant results.

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