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GoldenCAN Search Integration
GoldenCAN Search Integration enables the affiliates to create a featured store targeting
multiple merchants where their visitors would be able to search and find the desired products
by using a simple and user friendly search box. What they need to do is just type their
searching query into the search box and press search button. GoldenCAN would fetch all the
relevant data from the merchants selected at the time of store creation and represents in a
decent and organized shape.

By default, one search box is available for every search result page, however to give your
website more values and power, this can be displayed on every other page depending up the
structure and how you want to serve the data. Affiliates also have the privilege to select as
many merchants as they like. The only condition is that affiliates must have been approved by
the merchants they are going to use and also have specific network IDs. All merchants are
categorized by affiliate networks (CJ, LinkShare, PepperJam, ShareASale) and their selection
process is quite easy.

Products are presented with their complete details including title, description, price and
available image. This information certainly builds great confidence towards target audience
and also the website looks pretty helpful. Another significant feature is that all these info
are customizable. You can set your own font styles, color schemes, and link behaviors.
GoldenCAN data feed integration system promise to provide maximum benefits to the valuable
affiliates. You only need to build your store for once. Copy of latest data is automatically
updated to your site and no need to take care of its maintenance.

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