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Affiliate Data Feed And GoldenCAN
What is Data Feed?
Data feed is generally described as a mechanism to acquire updated records from certain data sources where data is served through some highly integrated delivery frameworks and channels. For e-commerce and affiliate marketing purpose it is defined as a platform that contains all the details, promotions and narrations about products used by particular e-retailers (typically known as merchants). Basically data feed makes it possible to get a fresh and up-to-date copy of latest information used by various e-commerce companies.

In order to produce reliable, accurate and flexible data feed various methodologies are adopted like TCP/UDP, Data Compression, String Readable format and many others. Data feed configuration provides an extensive opportunity to combine structured data and further utilize it for B2B and B2C services at medium as well as enterprise levels.

What is Affiliate Data Feed?
Affiliate Data Feed is a categorized and normalized form of data compiled into a single readable and searchable database file after getting source information from online stores referred as merchants. This database may contain multiple values including product info, descriptions, images, relevant links, and promotional deals. Merchants utilize this data to promote and advertise their products through affiliate networks. Although this data is available in organized form, yet to make is functional and website friendly, some technical and programming expertise are required.

What is GoldenCAN?
GoldenCAN provides comprehensive solutions for integrating affiliate data feed with online web stores where affiliates don’t need to have any technical skills. With just a one line of code, GoldenCAN would serve their desired data efficiently and accurately. It has millions of data feed products readily available for online integration. In fact data feed integration was never so easy but GoldenCAN turns it quite simpler, quicker and effective. After conducing broad-spectrum research and by using the state-of-the-art technology, it has built a unique product for affiliate marketing professionals.

Not only affiliates but merchants can also take maximum advantage from GoldenCAN suite. However activation and monthly maintenance charges are applicable for merchants. These monthly charges are subject to different factors like availability & size of data feed, 4th click or free of 4th click choice. Here are the integration types offered by GoldenCAN:

Keyword Store
Keyword Category Store
Store Integration
Store Integration for multiple merchants
Coupons Integration
Coupons Integration for multiple merchants
Search Integration for single & multiple merchants

What GoldenCAN does with Affiliates Data Feed?
GoldenCAN offers fully customized tools for affiliates and helps them in displaying and managing millions of products without any complexity. They can create as many stores as they like with their own style and fashion. They can select single and multiple merchants depending upon the requirements and business plans.

Basically data feeds are available in tabular and database form and to display this data on web stores involves high skilled programming capabilities. For example if a layman wants to use data feed he must be able to tackle that through some programming language like PHP, .Net, ASP & HTML. To solve these matters, hiring of professional people is expensive, time consuming and more dependable. GoldenCAN saves you from all these hassles and offers absolutely free solutions for starting and enhancing your online business.

GoldenCAN has a long term, trusted and performing association with all major affiliate networks including LinkShare, Commission Junction, ShareASale, PepperJam, AvantLink and Impact Radius. Apart from networks it also accepts private data directly from merchants. This direct and indirect collaboration leads towards millions of inclusive data feed products that any affiliate can avail. Data Feeds are actually hosted or stored into GoldenCAN database and user never have to download the data or need to provide storage space and paying a lot of money every month only for the storage.

In order to provide maximum flexibilities to affiliates, GoldenCAN and its technical team, picks up the product data feeds, apply all the programming ethics and produce most compressed and easily manageable just a single line of code that handles the entire store configuration. Affiliates only need to copy and paste that one line of code to their web-store and that’s it. Store is ready for makes sales and earning profits. While using the Data Feed integration user never have to update the data ever again because GoldenCAN system update the data feed whenever they are available from merchants and automatically updates the user website.

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