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Affiliate Data Feed, Coupon & Search Integration Solution

  • Millions Of Data feed Products
  • Thousands Of Coupons
  • Recent Price Drop Products
  • One Line of HTML Code
  • JavaScript, GetData, GetRSS
  Use GoldenCAN Data Feed Integration™, Store Integration™, Coupon Integration™, Search Integration™, Keyword Stores™ and Keyword Category Stores™ to display millions of data feed products, thousands of coupons and recent price drop products on your website from one or multiple merchants, across networks with only one line of code.

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AGiftPersonalized Deluxe Business Checks

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GoldenCAN Store Integration™
GoldenCAN Store Integration™/Data Feed Integration™ enables you to add millions of affiliate data feed products on your web site with only one line of code. You don't need to know any programming read more..

GoldenCAN Coupon Integration™
GoldenCAN Coupon Integration™ enables you to display thousands of Coupons, Promotions and "Recent Price Drop" products from one or multiple merchants on your web site with only one line of code. GoldenCAN receive hundreds of emails from merchants read more..

GoldenCAN Search Integration™
GoldenCAN Search Integration enables you to create a search solution for multiple merchants. You can add a search box on multiple pages of your website. Search results from millions of products will be displayed on your website with only one line of code. Your users will be able to search, read more..

Affiliate Data Feed and GoldenCAN
Data feed is generally described as a mechanism to acquire updated records from certain data sources where data is served through some highly integrated delivery frameworks and channels. For e-commerce and affiliate marketing purpose it is defined as a read more..

SEO Benefits and GoldenCAN
GoldenCAN is an extended data feed integration tool that is typically developed to facilitate the affiliates while they are performing marketing activities. The biggest concern for online business (web store) is to make it search engine friendly and easily understandable for web crawlers. Affiliates can attain maximum read more..

Latest News & Updates - (view all)
•   RefurBees (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now availab.. •   MrKate (CJ) Affiliate Data Feed is now available a..
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•   TeeShirtPalace (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now av.. •   Kindermint (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now availa..
•   PajamaMania (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now avail.. •   The Cover Guy (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now ava..
•   Vancaro (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now available.. •   Yoga Direct (SAS) Affiliate Data Feed is now avail..

Common Affiliate FAQs
  • Is there any setup fee? No
  • Is there any upgrade or monthly charges? No
  • Do i need to have a Credit Card? No
  • Is it easy to install and use? Yes
  • Are other webmasters using this? Yes
  • Does Merchants recommend GoldenCAN? Yes.
  • Is there sample HTML that I can try? Yes.
  • Can I get SEO benifits from GoldenCAN? Yes.
  • Can I create multiple stores for one merchant? Yes.
  • Can I use these stores on different websites? Yes.
  • Can I change the look and feel of my store? Yes.
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